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12.  Write the three rules which relate the Amount, the Base, and the
12.  Percent.

Amount   Base × Percent
Base   Amount ÷ Percent
Percent   Amount ÷ Base

13.  To find the unknown number, multiply only to find the Amount.

  14.  With a calculator, how do we interpret the fraction  Amount

Amount ÷ Base

Apply the rules to the following banking problems.  To recognize which is the Amount and which is the Base, rephrase each problem in this form:

___ is ___% of ___ ?

Written calculations

15.  Harold deposited $1,250 in a bank where the rate of interest is 3%
15.  annually.  In one year, how much interest will he earn?  $37.50

16.  Irene wants to earn $300 in interest towards her vacation next year.
16.  The bank is paying 6% interest. How much should she deposit?


17.  Jane deposited $800 and got $32 in interest.  What was the rate of
17.  interest?  (Use the method of proportions.)  4%

18.  If the bank pays 5¼% interest, and you deposit $2500, how much
18.  money in interest will you earn?  $131.25

19.  Jason received an interest payment of $137.50 from a deposit of
19.  $2500.  What was the rate of interest?  5.5%

Calculator Problems

  20.  Theresa invested $725 in a CD at 5 3
%.  How much interest will she

20.  earn?  $41.69

  21.  If Theresa earned $725 in interest at 5 3
%, how much did she

20.  deposit?  $12,608.70

22.  Raymond deposited $1600 into a CD, for which he got $76.50 in
22.  interest.  What was the rate of interest?  4.8%

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