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Express each of the following in the language of ratio.  Use a complete sentence.

21.  Carl pays $500 a month for rent; he earns $2500 a month.

A fifth of Carl's income goes for rent.

22.  Joanne earned $2000; she paid $400 in taxes.

A fifth of what Joanne earned went for taxes.

23.  In a class of 30 pupils, there were 10 A's.

A third of the class got A.

24.  Out of 120 people surveyed, 20 responded No.

A sixth of those surveyed responded No.

25.  The population of Eastville is 60,000, while the population of
25.  Westville is 20,000.

The population of Eastville is three times the population of Westville.

26.  Over the summer, John saved $1000, while Bob has saved only
26.  $100.

Over the summer, John saved ten times more than Bob.

27.  At a party, there were 24 girls and 4 boys.

There were six times as many girls as boys.

28.  In a class of 28 students, there were 21 A's.

Three fourths of the students got A.

29.  In a survey of 60 people, 40 answered Yes.

Two thirds of those surveyed answered Yes.

30.  In a class of 40 pupils, 25 got a B.

Five eighths of the class got B.

31.  Of the 2100 students who voted, 1400 voted for Harrison.

Two thirds of the people voted for Harrison.

32.  This month's bill is $50, while last month's was only $20.

This month's bill is two and half times last month's.

33.  Sabina makes $36,000 a year, while Clara makes only $24,000.

Sabina makes one and a half times what Clara makes.

34.  In the past thirty years, the population grew from 20,000 to
34  70,000.

In the past thirty years, the population grew three and a half times.

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