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1.   Draw a straight line, and on it construct an equilateral triangle.

2.   Name the six formal divisions of a proposition.

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The enunciation.

The setting-out.

The specification.

The construction (if there is one).

The proof.

The closing.

3.  a)  In Proposition 1, what is given?

A straight line.

3.  b)  What are we required to do?

To draw an equilateral triangle on it.

3.  c)  Practice writing out all six parts of Proposition 1.

4.   Draw three straight lines at random.  Now try to construct a triangle
4.   by using each line as a side.  

4.   If you are unable to draw a triangle, can you at least draw some
4.   conclusions?

Any two sides together must be greater than the third side.

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