Book I.  Propositions 22 and 23


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1.   Draw three lines, and construct a triangle whose sides are equal to
1.   them.

2.   Draw an angle.  Now draw a straight line; choose a point on it; and
1.   at that point draw an equal angle.

3.   a)  What are we given in Proposition 22?

Three straight lines, such that any two of them taken together will be less than the third.

2.   b)  What are we required to do?

Construct a triangle whose sides will be equal to those three straight lines.

2.  c)  Practice Proposition 22.

4.   a)  What are we given in Proposition 23?

A straight line, a point on it, and an angle.

2.   b)  What are we required to do?

On that straight line and at the given point, to construct an angle equal to the given angle.

2.  c)  Practice Proposition 23.

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